Club Calendar

We have set up a Google Calendar for the Club (see below).

At the moment we only show minimal information about the fixtures. The start/end times are only approximate. Be sure to check the notice boards for reporting times. We hope to extend its use as time goes by. To see more information on a fixture just click on it.

This calendar is, not just for fixtures, but for details of any event of interest to the Club. If you have any suggestions for its use or any other information you'd like to see there please contact me, Colin Fraser by clicking on my name but please remember that any information shown on the calendar is available to the whole wide world. So, if you don't want a thousand people gatecrashing your party, don't get me to put up any details about it!

To easily keep an eye on the calendar bookmark this page and then you"ve got no excuse for missing a fixture again!

The Calendar