A Glossary of Bowling Terms

The person whose job it is to captain the team and whose ineffectiveness relegates him to playing last where he directs his subordinates to play impossible shots, leaving the easy ones for himself.
Yer no'up
Your bowl is somewhat short of the length required by the skip
You are encroaching on the rink next to you
You have played heavy and missed the jack
You have played heavy and hit the jack
A wee pun oan'
6" short of the jack
1st short bowl
Yup yet?
2nd short bowl
Yer up noo'
The bowl is lying on the jack
Come intae it'
Negotiate a 6" space between two or more bowls and lie on the jack
A successful attempt at the above
Repetition of the same
Take it wi' ye then
Always expressed when the bowl is heavy and certain to miss the jack
I kent the shot was oan'
Expressed by the third when the skip has played to his request against his own better judgement and is lucky enough to get the shot.
A' the road
Into the ditch
Is it ower?
Has the jack crossed the short length pins?
Gie it grass
You have failed to recognise the natural bias of the bowl
A most difficult shot generally followed by the expression - "Maybe I should have played the other hand"
Face that yin
Extremely difficult shot of resting on an opponents bowl, demanded by skips of their colleagues but seldom attempted themselves.